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Howdy,   Welcome To Advanced Locksmith's Home Page

    Since 1992, owner operated Advanced Locksmith has set the standard for reliability and service in Texas' Brazos Valley.  Advanced Locksmith offers very competitive prices for a full range of high quality services.  There are no extra or hidden charges, such as for service calls or "after hours".  You can expect the same low price all the time, evenings and weekends included.  I am usually able to perform the task when called and rarely have to schedule at a later date.  Also, when I say I'll be there in 20 minutes, I mean within 20 minutes or less and am not just saying that to keep you from calling elsewhere.  Other companies that do business like that makes us all look bad.  I guess they don't care if they get your repeat business.  A large portion of my work comes from satisfied customers recommending me to their friends and giving my cards out.  I don't bother with radio or television ads because word of mouth is the best advertisement by far.

A little about me...

    My name is Gerald Mitchell and I am a second-generation master locksmith servicing the field since 1965.  Over the years, I have developed a wide knowledge base or automotive, residential, commercial and detention locking systems.  I have received awards from ALOA (Associated Locksmiths of America).  I served as Educational Director for the Dallas Locksmith Association.  I also have a formal degree from Texas A&M University in Physics; Gig' Em.  So far, no locking systems out there have posed a challenge.  Even the high security transponder systems in cars are easy to understand and work on.

    I am extremely picky about the quality of my work and will not cut corners or use inferior locks and parts.  When I rekey a house, I don't just change the working key, but make the locks work correctly.  First I set the door so it closes properly.  Then reset the keyset keepers so the latches catch correctly and hold the door tight.  Next I redrill the deadbolt holes in the frame if not deep enough and set the deadbolt keepers with three inch screws to make sure it is solidly secured.  It doesn't do much good to rekey if you have no security because nothing works properly.

    When I replace lost keys for a car, I make the keys to the factory specifications whenever possible.  I either retrieve codes or decode the wafers and very rarely have to make the keys by "impressioning" methods.  Locks in most cars since the late 80's have serrated wafers to make them pick resistant.  These wafers are weak and can bend under the pressure of impressioning.  Also, impressioning produces keys that don't work very well to begin with and copies of them sometimes don't work at all.  I believe if you are going to spend your hard earned money to have lost car keys replaced, then they should be to the factory specs.  It may take me longer to decode your lock, but you get keys that usually work better than the ones that were lost.  I also write the key information on the back of a card for you to keep in case it happens again.  No sense in not saving that info and having to go through all that again, especially when you can get another regular key made from that info for about $20.

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